Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Online)
JAM  2016;Vol.12(1):24-31
The effect of acupuncture stimulation on muscle fatigue during the Meridian-Test and Functional Movement Screen
Yoshida Naruto1), Okuma Yoshihiro2), Miyazaki Shogo1)
1) Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Faculty of Health Care, Teikyo Heisei University
2) TOYOTA VERBLITZ, Rugby team
[Objective] The use of medical screening for injury prevention is rising, including the adoption of the Functional Movement Screen or the Meridian-Test for conditioning. However, little information is available on the effect of acupuncture treatment on Functional Movement Screen and Meridian-Test scores. In this study, we investigated the effect of training fatigue and acupuncture treatment on Functional Movement Screen and Meridian-Test scores.
[Methods] Twenty-eight healthy male university students were randomly allocated to an acupuncture treatment group and a control group, each consisting of 14 subjects. On Day 1, both groups took the Meridian-Test followed by Functional Movement Screen measurements. They performed exercises, and 24 hours later members of the acupuncture treatment group received treatment based on the results of the Meridian-Test from Day 1. Both groups then repeated the Meridian-Test and the Functional Movement Screen after 48 hours and 96 hours.
[Results] There were no significant differences between the two groups for any movement of the Functional Movement Screen. In the control group, the Meridian-Test score after 48 hours was significantly higher than the score on Day 1 or after 96 hours. The Meridian-Test score after 48 hours was also significantly higher in the control group than the score in the treatment group.
[Conclusion] When using the Functional Movement Screen to assess stability and muscle exertion, a tool widely used for general evaluation in the sporting world, using the Meridian-Test to concurrently assess the flexibility and mobility of the different parts of the body may be extremely useful in enabling acupuncturists to carry out therapeutic interventions intended to improve movement.